Festive, Fun, & Free Holiday Activities

October 29, 2021 3 min read


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Holiday fun doesn’t have to cost a huge sum! Presence is always more valuable than presents, and a season about heart, shouldn’t break the bank. But how? We’ve got you covered this holiday season, with a list of our favorites that are FUN, FESTIVE, andyou guessed itFREE!



Make the season merry and bright, with the best neighborhood light displays in your area! Grab family and friends, pack into the car, (or venture out on foot). Get some cocoa to goand you’re off! 


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Even with social distancing, you still make time to see the people you love via. ZOOM! Zoom calls are free and you can spice up the experience with a holiday theme, festive setting, or by adding a funny or seasonal background. Have no fear, there will be cheer! 

From happy hour to movie night, near or faryou can always celebrate together virtually. 

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Holiday Zoom Party



Watch in person, on a ZOOM call or Google Hangout, or try the new group marathon various platforms like Amazon PRIME and others are offering. It’s never neem easier to marathon with some holiday cheer! 

Create a list of your favorite holiday movies! During the holidays there are so many resources to choose from: the Hallmark channel, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and Apple TV, Disney +. The list goes on! use the services you already pay for, and stream the holiday classics. 

Pro tip: Have a Harry Potter movie marathon weekend! Caramel corn, hot buttered rum, and a pile of candy while you spend a day wrapped up in the wizarding world. 


It’s time to break out the old school board games, blow of the dust, give em a good lysol wipe down—and breathe new life into them!Another option? A holiday puzzle! (Just make sure the purell is near by with all that touching.) Holiday Game nights have always been a season favorite to share a relaxing, fun evening with family and friends. 


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“Oh tannenbaum, oh tannenbaum--how lovely are your branches…” Outdoor tree lighting ceremonies, seasonal parades, North Pole or Santa’s Village, holiday bazaars and more! Check your local community calendar for listings on which holiday festivities you can participate in this year. 

Pro tip: Most activities are free of charge! It’s easy to enjoy time with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.


One of the best ways to spend your holidays is giving back to the community. From gifting trees to canned food drives, holiday dinners, to handing out blankets. A little holiday cheer goes a long way for the people around you. Especially those who need it most!

Pick a few activities that are festive, fun or free and enjoy yourself this holiday season!

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