October 14, 2021 2 min read

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It’s beginning to look a lot like gifting! 


It’s almost Thanksgiving and we’re deep in the thick of this year’s season for sales. COVID may have switched up the game, but seller’s have impressively countered to meet virtual shopping needs. But WHERE TO SHOP??? We’ve broken down the big days with some of our favorites picks and tricks. Cheers!



This one’s simple. Find your favorite local-yocal. Pop on social. Shop their sale. Make them smile. Economy is tough times on the little guys, (and gals.) Now’s your time to shine. Almost every business large or small will have a sale offering this season.

Holiday Budget Template



In 2021, Cyber Monday has collided full force with online Black Friday offerings. For the biggest digital savings, Cyber Monday sales are typically only advertised a few days before, THEE big days. The best way to save? Be sure to sign up for their email notifications now. (You can always unsubscribe later.) They’ll send out details as Cyber Monday, (the Monday after Thanksgiving), approaches.



The gang’s all here! This year’s COVID-uckery has pushed everyone OUT of lines, and Online. There are so many sales, it’s hard to keep up. Our pro tip? If you want it, Google it, cross reference the price, and then hit all the big site’s to see what sale percentage their specific company is offering. 

Here’s a breakdown if some our favorite heavy hitters by category of items.

Discount Mania (a comprehensive list of sales by Forbes) 

Computers (Everything but Apple)

Designer EVERYTHING (Best buys on designer clothing, shoes, and accessories come from italist and with Black Friday they’re offering sales of up to 60%.)


Cash Envelopes


50% Off basics baby! (Staple wardrobe options like GAP, Old Navy, and Eddie Bauer are all offering this deep discount—like. Woah.

Outdoor (Three words. Sierra Trading Post. Their everyday deals on everything from hiking kicks to sleeping bags, kick a***. Cyber Monday is an especially joyful sale opportunity.)

All things Tech (Best Buy with the Best Buys. If it’s tech. You want it. It’s on sale this season, at Best Buy.)

Good luck! Shop responsibly. And remember—inspire love not debt. The holidays are a season to share joy and memories—that doesn’t have to mean money.


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