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3 Ways to Save Money on Super Bowl Sunday

January 15, 2022 3 min read


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3 Ways to Save Money on Super Bowl Sunday

Did you know that the second biggestgrilling day of the year is also thebiggest and most anticipated day in sports!? Super. Bowl. Sunday.

Million dollar ad spend on commercials, the nostalgia of a Janet Jackson nip slip or Katie Perry shark-tastrophe, a much hyped halftime show (that is sadly disappointing most years), and of course? A chance to eat 2500+ calories in one sitting.


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But how do you have ALL the fun and not spend ALL the money? We’ve got you. This year, go big for Super Bowl without blowing the budget with ourthree money saving tips for a super fun, (super cheap), Super Bowl Sunday.


So. Are you ready to have a super fun, (super cheap), Super Bowl Sunday?

Here are ourtop three money saving tips for the big day! 

  #1 - Cutting Down the Food Bill 

  Did you know?

 1.25 billion chicken wings consumed on game day 

51.7 million cases of beer are sold 

11.2 million lbs. of potato chips eaten 

12.5 million pizzas are consumer 

14 billion hamburgers are eaten And… 

6% of Americans call in sick for work the next day 330 million of us = 19.8 million people calling in sick! Now those are some stats! 

Apparently, we like to consume a healthy amount of calories on Super Bowl Sunday. Or unhealthy depending on how you look at things. A few ways to save on the food bill: 

  • Have a potluck, everybody bring something! From appetizers to dessert, plan a week in advance and make sure everybody brings something.

  • Bring your own booze. If you’re having a party, everybody brings a case of beer. You’ll get a variety, and you shouldn’t run out!

  • Plan your menu ahead of time, go shopping, and prep it up! You can save a lot of money if you avoid the food apps.

  • 1 pound of chicken wings at the store = $6.201 pound of chicken wings at Buffalo Wild wings = $12.50+

That’s double the price! The dollars start to add up when you have to buy 20 pounds of chicken wings.


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#2 - The Location

 Host Super Bowl Sunday at your house or with a friend! Try to avoid the bars. That’s a good way to be 50 bucks deep in drinks by the first quarter. If you love the bar scene on Super Bowl Sunday which can be really fun, set a budget. Once you’ve hit it, no more ordering. Stick with a drink that has free refills!  


#3 - The winner and the loser 

It’s Super Bowl Sunday which means we are taking bets!

So here’s the bet. Pick your team, and write down how much you want to bet on them. $1 to $10,000. Or more if you’re feeling lucky. Now, if your team wins the Super Bowl, that money goes into your savings account! Here’s the catch, if your team loses you have to double down.

If you bet $50, add another $50 to it and all that cash goes into savings! That’s some serious incentive to bet on the right team to win the Super Bowl. Your bank account will thank you either way. Plus, the best part of this whole thing… you’re not out any money! This is a win-win situation in the gambling world, And a save - save situation of the personal finance world! Super Bowl Sunday can be a big ticket item, take advantage of the ways to save.

There you have it, three money tips to help you save during the Super Bowl. Plan ahead, set a budget, make sure your location is solid, and then place your bets! May the odds be ever in your favor. Cheers!

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