A 3 month financial planner and coach taking you through more advanced personal finance concepts and tools to launch your financial game to the next level.

The tools and techniques you can implement to your budget to improve your monthly cashflow. My Money Playbook 2.0 is designed for people who have a basic budget built and are looking at ways to maximize their budget and build wealth.

3 months of budget & financial planning tools included:
  • Weekly financial coaching
  • Weekly financial exercises
  • Income tracker
  • Expense log
  • Monthly Budget
  • Savings Log
  • Payoff Log
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Goal-Setting Roadmap
  • Monthly recap
  • Monthly calendar
  • Access to online coaching

Using My Money Playbook 2.0, we'll dive deeper into your financial education, hone your skills, and continue to build strong daily financial habits. Our advanced budgeting and financial planner will take you through 6 months of financial habit building and tools to help you get a full grasp on your financial picture and the daily activities you should be doing to manage your finances.

  • Dark Blue Cover
  • 6" x 9" workbook
  • 96 pages
  • Spiral Binding

Pair your My Money Playbook 2.0 with our Cash Envelope Budget System, take 20-30 minutes a week to Train Your Money Like an Athlete Trains for Success!