The 12 month financial planner set is your four-book, all-inclusive training program. This financial planner set takes you through one full year of financial training.

Take the next 12 month to train your money like an athlete trains for success. Establish the financial fundamentals and tools you need to win with your money.


  • My Money Playbook 1.0 | Aqua
  • My Money Playbook 2.0 | Dark Blue
  • My Money Scorebook | Silver
  • My Money Scorebook | Yellow
  • Cash Envelope Budgeting System | 12 Envelopes
My Money Playbook 1.0

A how-to personal finance guide and money coach! Money can be stressful; you might not know where to start or what tools you need to begin learning about your money. From beginner's to seasoned pros, My Money Playbook is your road-map to understanding and developing your money skills.

My Money Playbook 2.0

Take your personal finances to the next level and focus on enhancing your financial skills from My Money Playbook 1.0.  Months four, five, and six of the My Money Playbook Series take your budgeting, savings goals, debt payoff, and planning skills to the next level. We'll dive deeper into your financial education, hone your skills, and continue to build strong daily financial habits.

My Money Scorebook X 2 (Yellow & Silver)

My Money Scorebook is your three month personal financial planner and budgeting workbook. It contains all of the financial tools you trained with in the My Money Playbook Collection and allows you to continue your financial training practice.

Cash Envelope Budgeting System

Save & organize your money! Budget your money to hit your financial goals. Use your Cash Envelopes with My Money Playbook’s monthly budget, and train your money like an athlete trains for success.