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This experience has been extremely humbling yet amazing. I never realized budgeting took time and energy, very similar to the game of football. If you do not spend time on your craft, your craft will deteriorate then soon vanish. Likewise, this process has created financial awareness and enhanced my financial literacy. Forever thankful and excited to reach new financial levels. This has without a doubt created a financial curiosity within me. Thanks Coach Hill!

Anthony C.

Customer, NFL Player

What an amazing tool for anyone that needs some extra help budgeting or building a strong financial future. Growing up without proper knowledge or understanding on how to budget made it hard to create good habits at an older age. This book and website has helped me a ton. Thanks guys!

Tailor J.

Customer, Real Estate Agent

Financial Footwork has definitely changed the way I think about money. Since I started working with Financial Footwork's programs I've boosted my credit score, paid down my debt and started saving money. I am so grateful for this money coaching planner, it was a game changer for me.

Xavier M.

Customer, Business Owner


Your money should make your life better, not worse.

Schools don’t teach that. That’s where I come in. I put together an exercise program for your finances to get your money into shape in just 3-months.

Are you tired of money books talking about stuff that was out of date when your grandparents were young? Then you’re going to love this.

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Financial Fitness In 3 Easy Steps


Get Warmed Up & Find Your Footing

Getting financially fit is easy. We’ll start by warming up your finances, figuring out your numbers, and plotting up the foundation your finances will grow on!


Get Ready & Establish Your Stance 

Go from foundation to fit in month two. Here you’ll chart your expenses, your income, and see how to adjust your needs to meet your goals.


Go! Find Balance & Win

In month three you’ll go from fitness to financial habit expert and start hitting your wildest goals. Here you’ll create positive spending habits to get those financial gains!


Everyone needs a money system.

This one is right for you:

If you are looking to not only get a financial system you can trust, but also learn how finances work-this is for you.

If you are tired of white knuckling it to the end of every month PRAYING your money lasts till your next check-this is for you.

If you are DONE feeling like you’re out of control with your money and want a proven process that takes you from zero experience to being a money master-this is for you.

If you want a financial system that can adapt with you as your life changes-this is for you.

 If you want money doing more, but aren’t sure WHAT it should be doing-this is for you.

This is NOT:

A get-right-quick system

A way to juggle credit card debt to flip houses

An aggressive investment systems

A crypto-currency scam

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A Look At What You’ll Learn | The First 3-Months


You’ll start by getting familiar with your money. You’ll figure out where you are, what your goals are, and you’ll see what to expect to get there. This is the warm up phase. See where you are, understand where you want to go, and set goals to get there.


Next we’ll get ready. You’ll discover what you’ll need to hit your goals. In this month you’ll find out where your finances are, why they are that way, and what you’ll need to do to to progress, and then move towards your goals.


Now you are ready to GO! You’ve been working hard, you’ve set a baseline, now it’s time to add new habits! This month you’ll find places to shore up your finances and how to make simple changes compound into real results.


When she isn’t helping NFL stars master their money, appearing in Forbes, giving keynote presentations, or helping big corporations’ employees get financially fit-she is creating financial training resources.

Coach Hill is a sports fanatic, fitness nut, and money expert.

Whether it’s mastering the basics with adaptable budgeting, repairing credit scores, getting awesome rates on that home loan, or helping people build next level wealth, she is the money industry’s answer for a go-to expert under the age of forty.

Get her newest book, the Financial Fitness planner, absolutely free. Just cover the cost of shipping and she’ll send you a proven system for getting your finances fit.

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