Back-to-School Shopping on a Budget

September 06, 2022 2 min read

   The Money Bag Newsletter by Financial Footwork

Back to School Shopping on a Budget 

From kindergarten to college–all grades are being impacted by supply chain issues for back-to-school shopping. Here’s what is looks like for your budget!”

Recent stats show that more than half of all shoppers are concerned about inflation rates and back-to-school shopping. K-12 students are predicted to spend a record high amount of $661 per student, and back-to-college shoppers are expected to spend $28.3 billion, (roughly $1,600 per student). 

We understand the importance of getting kids ready for a great school year, so we listed a few tips for our parents and students below on how to save money when heading back to the school year!


Before heading out to the mall, see what supplies and clothing items you may already have. Gather piles in an inventory-like fashion to visually see what you don’t need or do need. Plan your shopping list accordingly!


Whether you have a few heads in the household–or can split bulk deals with other parents–it's not a bad idea to take advantage of some bulk bargains. Consider splitting the costs with a person-to-person payment platform such as Zelle or Venmo! This allows you to split purchases quickly and efficiently.  


There's no better way to stay up to date in the retail industry than subscribing to your favorite retail stores newsletters. When's the last time you skimmed through your promotions folder via email? You may be surprised at the deals/coupons you can find at the convenience of your phone. Make sure to check out the expiration dates list too for future savings!


Not too long after the school year begins, there’s better savings and sales just around the corner. Consider skipping out on the back-to-school rush, and take advantage of better deals such as the ones we see on Black Friday. 

"Autumn apparel and accessories are at their highest prices of the year when they first hit the stores in August," says Kristin McGrath, Editor and shopping expert at

Just because there's lots of foot traffic at retail stores right now, does not mean there's good deals, and those same items will soon go on clearance after the school year begins! Remember, wants versus needs this back to school season, and always follow your budget. Happy shopping y'all!




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