Financially stable employees experience increased productivity, improved morale, and greater workplace loyalty. We partner with companies and their human resource teams to provide certified financial wellness and custom training programs for each employee. 


Our Employee Financial Wellness Packages are designed to take the user through all levels of their personal finance journey by giving them the tools needed to learn about money and build positive financial habits for life.



We help employees put our financial tools to work with our fully interactive digital dashboard, access to our entire suite of financial tools, and weekly training videos, all designed to keep your employees engaged and motivated as they improve their financial game.


Our team of certified financial educators and coaches work with organizations throughout the country providing in-person and virtual workshops, keynote speaking events, and team coaching sessions to enhance your employees financial wellness.


The full suite of Footwork tools including our 12 week financial course for beginners is included with our employee wellness packages. We focus on providing the tools and training employees need as they work through their financial journey.


"Undoubtedly one of the best financial education platforms in the world. They offer the ability to conduct a plethora of financial education group sessions, then tailor individual sessions based on a employees specific needs. Footwork starts with the financial fundamentals and then progresses individuals to an advanced level throughout their careers. If you want your people to have a financial playbook with successful “money moves” and “plays” that build wealth, then Financial Footwork will put your respective employees in a position to leave a legacy well beyond their careers.”  

- Kaleb Thornhill, Miami Dolphins, Director of Player Engagement

"Hillary Seiler has been a major boost to our Professional Development Program, both with our rookies and our veterans. Financial education can be difficult to address in front of a group of young professional athletes, but she eliminates all of those concerns. Her dynamic delivery as well as her detailed and organized approach has resonated with our players, increasing their level of financial understanding."

- Ron Brewer, Cleveland Browns, Director of Player Engagement


We customize our offerings based on the needs of the organizations we work with. From in person speaking engagement to workshops, online coaching, to self-paced programs. We have an option for your organization that will engage, motivate, and improve the financial well-being of your employees.