13 Reasons I LOVE my Alaska Airlines Credit Card!

February 05, 2022 4 min read

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13 Reasons I LOVE my Alaska Airlines Credit Card!

 Traveling 20-40 times a year, I spend a good amount of time in the air, and have flown just about every major US airline. So. Many. Times.  I’m an avid traveler. 75% work, 25% leisure--but 100%  fun. I love new faces, places, cultures, and FOOD. So how do I take this major facet of my life, and benefit from it in an even bigger way? My Alaska Airlines credit card.

Now. Let me preface this by saying two things. 1. To date, Alaska Airlines has NEVER paid me to talk about their mileage program. 2. Alaska Airlines has the best damn card out there.


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Anyone who flies or travels at least once a year should look at an airline credit card as their spending card of choice. If that’s too bold a move for your primary spending vehicle, make it your secondary. When you start spending with an airline's credit card there are so many perks. Perks so amazing that consistent use of that card could practically PAY for your yearly vacation.

Now there’s my unbiased plug for airline cards in general, but what I’m dishing about to you today is the ALASKA AIRLINES’ credit card. As I said, it’s simply the best. Try me. Fortunately, I live on the West Coast so I can leverage this option for about 90% of my travel. They even partner with American, for those out of the country, or non-Alaska served airports in more remote areas and the Midwest.

So why is it the best? Buckle up baby, and prepare for takeoff.



1. Dollar spent = 1 mile earned

    For every dollar you spend on purchases, you get a mile. Any expense: gas, groceries, electric bill, dog grooming, toothbrush, Lamborghini. 

    2. Dollar spent on flight = 3 miles earned 

      If you purchase your flight using this incredible card (which you should) you get 3 miles for every dollar spent! 

      3. Mile flown = 1.5-2.0 miles earned

        You earn miles every time you fly on top of the miles you earned when you purchased your flight! (Whether you earn 1.5 or 2.0 depends on your frequency of flight and MVP ranking.

        4. Fly more than 20 K miles a year = MVP Status

          All about those frequent flyer miles! This is when your bonus mileage really starts to kick in. MVP is the magic marker, and this status is loaded with perks and upgrades. 


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          5. Your friend flies for $99

            Companion fare anyone? When I lived in Oahu that 1X a year $99 companion fare, was abigbonus! Pro tip? Use it on your longest or most pricey trip of the year to maximize value. 

            6. Free Checked Bag (or bags)

              Airlines continue to raise their baggage fee, but not with an Alaska Airlines’ credit card. By having this card, your checked bag fee is waived on first, second, (and sometimes even third for those MVP Gold members out there).  

              7. No mileage cap!

                No cap, you can earnunlimited miles. This is a big deal because many credit cards have a reward cap, this one doesn’t! Plus, 

                8. No blackout dates!

                  This means no windows of unavailability where you can’t use your hard earned miles! Many reward cards blackout the heavy travel times. (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Labor Day, etc.) 

                  9. Miles that don’t expire!

                    The miles in your Alaska Airlines’ account are safe and sound until you see fit to use them. That’s more fun for everyone without the frazzle and worry of a forced trip. 


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                    10. Rewards = Cash

                      Now to the BEST part? Cashing in your rewards!   You can use your Alaska airline miles to book flights, hotel stays, rental cars, and more on their site.  An entire vacation package in one!

                      11. Quality Customer Service!

                        Their customer service is impeccable! I’ve always had a GREAT experience with every Alaska member I’ve come into contact with. Their standard for customer care is by far the best of any airline I’ve flown.

                        12. Low annual cost

                          The Alaska Airlines Credit Card is a mere $75 a year to maintain. That’s less than your checked bag fees alone for a family of four. And with the host of perks that come with this card, it’s a no brainer. 

                          13. MVP status = FREE UPGRADES

                            Oh the sweet sweet experience of first class; where they doll out fresh towels, warm cookies, and creamy chocolate like toys to a toddler. I love it here. And MVP GOLD status makes sure my budget loves me here too.

                            It’s easy to understand why I love my Alaska Airlines Credit Card. It literally worksfor me when I spend, so I can leverage rewards for the things I want to do. Monthly expenses are inevitable. Why not get something for the money you MUST spend anyway? Now, don’t go crazy to score the perks and points. Keep it modest, keep it within the means of your budget. Keep it strategic and make your money work for you! 

                            Catch you in the skies. 


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