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Season For Sales | Be Holiday Sales Savvy with the Best Money Saving Deals

October 09, 2022 5 min read

The Money Bag Newsletter by Financial Footwork




My Mamma told me...you better shop around. The holidays are coming and this means holiday gifting is right around the corner.

Just like everything else in 2022, holiday gifting has (and will be) impacted by inflation with a possible recession for the cherry on top.Yikes! From how much you spend, to where you buy– 2023 may be the year of the rabbit, but It’s also the year to be nimble.

While a leaner year is nothing to be excited about, it is something you can accommodate and achieve, respectfully. PRO TIP: Get started with our FREE HOLIDAY BUDGET!  Grab a copy today!


Free Holiday Budget Template


Now that you’ve mastered your budget, where should you shop? We’ve got you covered! To make your dollars stretch as far as possible, we’re here to educate you on the biggest opportunities for savings this holiday season.

The good news is that even though this year you may be on a tighter budget, November is a month rip with holiday sales and savings. Plus there’s a huge incentive to plan and buy early. 

Ironically COVID years prior has made consumers' shopping experience a lot less hectic and forever switched up average joes shopping game because of virtual shopping/pick-up. Impressively enough, virtual shopping has met busy bees’ speedy and timely errand needs. But WHERE SHOULD WE SHOP??? 

To make it super simple, we’ve broken down the three sale contenders this winter, and how to shop them. Small Business Tuesday. Cyber Monday. Black Friday. Let’s dive in!



For dozens of years and counting, Black Friday has been the be-all-end-all of holiday savings. Stores want your money and they always offer great deals. With more shopping being done online than ever before, there will be a lot more pickup/delivery options available. Black Friday was already transitioning into a digital affair--between COVID & Inflation, so it's safe to say that we are right there this year too. 

Other Black Friday accommodations this year? Extended online savings throughout most of the month, cashing in on doorbusters to incentivize you to buy, and no-contact options like a curbside pickup. 

Are you thinking, “Wow--this sounds a whole lot less stressful than camping out the night before, and being mowed over by hoards of fellow deal chasers.” If you are, you’re not alone! COVID put the odds in the shopper's favor.


Financial Footwork Budget Planner




Small Business Saturday is a personal favorite of mine! And it should be yours too! Small businesses have fallen + peaked with the rise of passion projects from quarantine days that then turned into small biz owner dreams, post-pandemic. With rain, there are sunny days too, and nothing would make a small biz owner happier than the comfort of your support this year. 

SMALL BUT MIGHTY. And maybe one of the most important stops of all this holiday season— lines are far less hectic, and these small biz owners are incredibly thankful when you put your money back into their business and support their families' economic needs. The economy is still pretty tough on the little guys, (and gals.) SO now is your time to shine. Find your favorite locals local. Pop up on social media and give them a shoutout. Shop their sales. Make them smile and collect their offerings while still giving forward this holiday season. 

A FACT: The scale of the industry is the backbone of the local economy. One study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, about $68 of it stays within the local economy—compared to just $43 for large businesses. 

These businesses are still playing catch up from the last year's hard hits and they are still hurting more than the big guys- so they could use the spending power from you and get them back up to speed.  

Check out your local favorites online, or via Social media. Give them a ring and check in on their most current hours/operations! Ask what they’re offering this year for Small Business Saturday, and how they are accommodating shopping with COVID. Remember that it never hurts to ask or to give a helping hand <3 You never know, you might just be the difference that keeps them in business this season.



In 2022, Cyber Monday has collided full force with online Black Friday offerings. For the biggest digital savings, Cyber Monday sales are typically only advertised a few days before, and these are THEE big days. The best way to save? Be sure to sign up for their email notifications now. (You can always unsubscribe later.) They’ll send out details as Cyber Monday, aka the Monday after Thanksgiving approaches.

Cyber Monday--the great-grandchild of Black Friday, became the digital answer to purchasing post the big rush in the 2000s. Sleep in, miss the crowds and pray your server doesn’t crash. Who doesn’t love great deals from the comfort of their own home?

This year, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are all sorts of a blur. With so much shopping gone digital because of COVID-19, deals will be overlapping deals, overlapping deals. 

If you have a favorite store, get on their subscription list for the most up-to-date sale updates. Set your alarm for any favorites, and prepare for a digital rush on the big day. Items can still sell out, just like in-person shopping. Inventory is not infinite.

While COVID has presented a myriad of headaches in 2020, your holiday shopping really shouldn’t be one of them. Leverage the situation, and stick to your budget and you’ll be winning this season. 




There are so many sales going on around this time of the year that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Our pro tip? If you want it— Google it. Cross-reference the price, and then hit all the big sites to see what sale percentage their specific company is offering. Seriously it's worth it and can save you money big time. Also, most large corporations with electronic stores will actually price match their offering if you find a price for less. So be sure to double-check before checking out!

Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite heavy hitters by category of items.

Discount Mania(a comprehensive list of sales by Forbes) 

Computers(Everything but Apple)

Designer EVERYTHING (Best buys on designer clothing, shoes, and accessories come fromitalist and with Black Friday they’re offering sales of up to 60%.)

50% Off basics baby! (Staple wardrobe options like GAP, Old Navy, and Eddie Bauer are all offering this deep discount—like. Woah.

Outdoor (Three words.Sierra Trading Post. Their daily deals on everything from hiking kicks to sleeping bags, kick a***. Cyber Monday is an especially joyful sale opportunity.)

All things Tech (Best Buy with the Best Buys. If it’s tech. You want it. It’s on sale this season, atBest Buy.)

Check online to see how stores will be running sales this year. And if you still have questions about how to get your bargain--give them a quick call. We’ll also be releasing a list of our favorite sales next week.  

Good luck! Shop responsibly. And remember—inspire love, not debt. The holidays are a season to share joy and memories—that doesn’t have to mean money. 

Happy Holidays, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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