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My Mamma told me...you better shop around. But how the heck does that happen with a virus on the loose? Even though COVID-19 is hanging around like some bad leftovers, the holidays are still coming. And this means holiday gifting.

Just like everything else in 2021, holiday gifting has, (and will), be impacted by COVID-19. From how much you spend, to where you buy. It’s definitely a year to be nimble.

While a leaner year is nothing to be excited about, itis something you can accommodate. FIRST--Get started with ourFREE HOLIDAY BUDGET!   


Free Holiday Budget Template

Now that you’ve mastered your budget, where to shop? We’ve got you! In an effort to make your dollars stretch as far as possible, we’re here to educate you on the biggest opportunities for savings this holiday season.

The good news is that even though this year you may be on a tighter budget, November is a month ripe with holiday sales and savings. There’s a huge incentive to plan and buy early. 

To make it super simple, we’ve broken down the three sale contenders this winter, and how to shop them with COVID-19. Small Business Tuesday. Cyber Monday. Black Friday. Let’s dive in!



For dozens of years, Black Friday has been the be-all-end all of holiday savings. Will COVID-19 finally be the nail in the proverbial coffin? Not likely. Like everything else this year, it’s just going to look a bit different. 


Stores still want your money, and to offer you great deals. To accommodate the virus this year, there will be more buying, pickup, and delivery options. Black Friday was already transitioning into a digital affair--COVID has just pushed it that way a little bit faster. 


Other Black Friday accommodations this year? Extended online savings throughout most of the month, cashing in on doorbusters to incentivize you to buy, and no-contact options like curbside pickup. 


Are you thinking, “Wow--this sounds a whole lot less stressful than camping out the night before, and being mowed over by hoards of fellow deal chasers.” If you are, you’re not alone! COVID definitely puts the odds in the shoppers favor.


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Small Business Saturday, is a personal favorite! A more recent development in the past few years, is a great way to support small and local. 


This scale of industry is the backbone of local economy. In fact, one study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, about $68 of it stays within the local economy—compared to just $43 for large businesses.


COVID shouldn’t make shopping small businesses this year any different. In fact, these businesses are hurting more than the big guys, and could use your spending power even more!


Check out your local favorites online, or via. Social media. Give them a call! Ask what they’re offering this year for Small Business Saturday, and how they are accommodating shopping with COVID. 


You might just be the difference that keeps them in business this season.



Cyber Monday--the great grandchild of Black Friday--became the digital answer to purchasing post the big rush in the 2000’s. Sleep in, miss the crowds, and pray your server doesn’t crash. Who doesn’t love great deals from the comfort of their own home?


This year, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are all sort of a blur. With so much shopping gone digital because of COVID-19, deals will be overlapping deals, overlapping deals. 


If you have a favorite store, get on their subscription list for the most up to date sale updates. Set your alarm for any favorites, and prepare for a digital rush on the big day. Items can still sell out, just like in person shopping. Inventory is not infinite.


While COVID has presented a myriad of headaches in 2020, your holiday shopping really shouldn’t be one of them. Leverage the situation, and stick to your budget and you’ll be winning this season. 

Check online to see how stores will be running sales this year. And if you still have questions, about how to get your bargain--give them a quick call. We’ll also be releasing a list of our favorite sales next week.  

Happy Holidays, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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